Christopher Holt | 3 Sleeps
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Short Synopsis
Casey (9) and her two young sisters Megan (7) and Taylor (5) live on a tough council estate in London, England. Casey is sworn to secrecy, when her mum leaves them home alone for the weekend.
Navigating an adult world isn’t easy and things take a turn for the worse when Taylor falls seriously ill. Casey is now caught between keeping her promise or saving her sister’s life.

The film is based on a true story.



Director Statement
I began researching this news story as a potential documentary project, but after speaking with families and social workers it became clear that to tell the story from the point of view of one of the children left alone in the flat wouldn’t be possible. I decided to script the piece.

I spoke to two social workers while researching the film and they helped enormously with my understanding of level of child neglect in the UK. I discovered that child cruelty and neglect offences in the UK have doubled over the past five years. 16,939 offences were recorded by police in 2017/18. And this represents just a fraction of the number of cases that go unreported.

This film was made in a response to that unforgivable statistic. This film is dedicated to the children in the UK and beyond who have to live with the bad decisions that we adults make.