Christopher Holt | In Development
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In Development

Christopher is currently developing several TV drama and Film projects. Pilot scripts and Treatments available –

‘The Co-Worker’ – 6X1hr Thriller
An internet sleuth becomes fixated on a woman who mysteriously vanished from a WeWork style office. She decides to investigate.

‘Full House’ – 4x1hr Comedy Drama
Northern England. A group of single moms facing financial struggles hatch a daring plan to rob a bingo hall and unwittingly come into conflict with a violent local crime family.

‘Crocodile’ – 4x1hr Thriller.
An internet troll and fantasist, claims to be a girl who was famously abducted 25 years earlier, reigniting a police investigation and unwittingly unearthing a killer.

Optioned by Eleventh Hour films and second episode commissioned by BBCS and UKTV.

‘The Trip’ – 6x1hr Thriller.
A school coach crashes in rural France. As police investigate, they make a shock discovery – one of the teenage passengers is missing. Where is the missing girl and what caused the tragic accident?

Optioned by Pernel Media.