Christopher Holt | 3 Sleeps (Award Winning Short Film)
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20 November

Drama, Scripted Narrative, Scripted Narrative Drama
About This Project

Nine year old Casey is left to fend for her two younger sisters when they are abandoned by their single mum. 

‘3 Sleeps’ has been selected for film festivals around the world, including the BAFTA, BIFA and OSCAR accredited Norwich, Cambridge and Underwire festivals.  Written and Directed by Christopher Holt. Co-produced by Stephanie Zari and Christopher Holt. The production company was Fat Lip Films.

“Superb. Astounding child performances from the two sisters. Fabulously handled by the writer/director.” Stephen Fry

“This film was shocking and heart wrenching. Beautifully written, shot and acted. The pacing of the edit was perfect. This was profound and timely. I was very moved.”  Neve Campbell 

“Held by an astonishing central performance by Mollie Cowen. Moving with such a compelling narrative. Feels important.”  Alistair Petrie

“Everything about this film was great.  The story. The acting. The direction, cinematography.  I wanted to see so much more, and felt so much for this little girl during it.” Yolonda Ross