Christopher Holt | The Crossing (Short Film)
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About This Project

Scripted narrative drama.
Produced by Chris Holt. Directed by Natalie Biancheri.
In a remote Italian town in 1961 teenage Eileen lives a lonely existence in the empty halls of her decadent family home. When a journalist persuades her to try to be the youngest person to swim the English channel, Eileen thinks she has found an escape from her bleak future but the journalist’s intentions are not what they seem.

Edinburgh International Film Festival (nominated Best Short Film)
Santa Monica International Film Festival (won Best International Short Film)
Sofia Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, California Women’s Festival (won Best Supporting Actress)
Palm Beach International Film Festival, NYC Film Festival, New Filmmakers Los Angeles, Goa Film Festival, India Cine Film Festival, SOHO Film Festival, Barcelona Sports Film Festival, Dhaka International Film Festival, USA film festival.


20 November

Drama, Scripted Narrative