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03 Apr Ted Bundy – Feature Documentary

Ted Bundy - Mind of a Monster. A feature length documentary. Using archive footage, previously unseen contributors and the voice tapes of Ted Bundy from death row, we paint a portrait of the world's most notorious serial killer. Produced, Directed and Written by Christopher Holt. Premier on...

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07 Oct Crocodile – Award Winning Scripted 1hr Pilot

Crocodile 4 x 1hr. Award winning thriller written by Christopher Holt. Optioned by Eleventh Hour Films and commissioned by BBCS. An internet troll claims to be a girl famously abducted 25 years earlier with dramatic consequences. Winner - 2020-21 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Spotlight Award for Best Role Written For A...

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Are you team believer or team sceptic? Danny Robins brings his hit podcast to the screen, investigating real-life stories of the strange. It's about to get weird. Drama Director on this 3x60min series. ...

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07 Oct Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt - A Century of Murder 120min (2 x 60mins) Channel 5 & Netflix Scripted Drama & Documentary Written, Produced and Directed by Christopher Holt Four hundred years ago, hundreds of innocent people were murdered as an obsession to stamp out Satanism swept the British Isles. This film tells...

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