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03 May 3 Sleeps

19 min Gritty British Drama Three girls living on a tough estate in London are left home alone by their troubled mum. Navigating an adult world isn’t easy and things take a turn for the worse when one of the girls falls seriously ill. The sisters are...

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04 Mar Henry VIII & His Six Wives

Henry VIII & His Six Wives. 60min. Channel 5 & Amazon Scripted Drama and Landmark Documentary Series written and directed by Chris Holt. The teenage Henry VIII falls in love with the beautiful Spanish princess Katherine of Aragon. As his first queen she leads the kingdom at war, wins...

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07 Oct The Crossing (Short Film)

Scripted narrative drama. Produced by Chris Holt. Directed by Natalie Biancheri. In a remote Italian town in 1961 teenage Eileen lives a lonely existence in the empty halls of her decadent family home. When a journalist persuades her to try to be the youngest person to swim...

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07 Oct Sex and the Married Man

Forbidden: Sex and the Married Man 1 x 60min. ID Channel Scripted Drama Written & Directed by Christopher Holt. Nancy Riggins discovers her husband has been cheating on her for the last four years with the family's babysitter. The next day she goes missing. The husband soon becomes...

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07 Oct Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt 120min (2 x 60mins) Channel 5 & Netflix Scripted Drama & Documentary Written, Produced and Directed by Christopher Holt Four hundred years ago, hundreds of innocent people were murdered as an obsession to stamp out Satanism swept the British Isles. This film tells the story of the men...

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