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03 May 3 Sleeps

19 min Gritty British Drama Three girls living on a tough estate in London are left home alone by their troubled mum. Navigating an adult world isn’t easy and things take a turn for the worse when one of the girls falls seriously ill. The sisters are...

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03 Apr Ted Bundy – Feature Documentary

Ted Bundy - Mind of a Monster. A feature length documentary. Using archive footage, previously unseen contributors and the voice tapes of Ted Bundy from death row, we paint a portrait of the world's most notorious serial killer. Produced, Directed and Written by Christopher Holt. Premier on...

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07 Oct I, Sniper

I, Sniper (Channel 4 / VICE) Location directo. In the fall of 2002, Washington DC and surrounding suburbs were paralysed by a terrifying wave of random shootings from a sniper’s rifle, lasting over 23 days. Ten people were killed in this attack on the American capital, three...

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07 Oct Wonders of the Universe. BAFTA Nominated

Wonders of the Universe. Christopher was the lead producer and director on one of the most succesful BBC documentary series in recent history. Landmark/Specialist Factual documentary written, produced and directed by Christopher Holt and presented by Prof. Brian Cox. BAFTA nominated. Best Specialist Factual Programme. BAFTA nominated. Best...

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